Today, the use of filler technology in the polymer industries plays an important role. Accordingly, in order to reduce the price and improve the physical-mechanical properties of the final products, highly filled masterbatches have been developed  based on various fillers and thermoplastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyacrylonitrile butadiene Styrene (ABS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyamide or nylon (PA).
Ciba Polymer Kabir Company offers a variety of filler masterbatches as the brand CIBFILL which can give different properties depending on the customer’s purpose. The most important of CIBFILL masterbatches are:

White Calcium carbonate Masterbatches

One of the most important masterbatches in the polymer industries is highly filled calcium carbonate masterbatches. This masterbatch is essentially used to reduce the price of the finished product because calcium carbonate alone does not stiff the thermoplastic blend as much as other fillers. However, calcium carbonate provides better impact resistance than some existing pigment-fillers.
It is worth noting that the improper design of the formulation of these masterbatches can lead to the undesirable dispersion and distribution of calcium carbonate particles in the polymer matrix, thereby undermining the rheological properties (processability) as well as the mechanical properties of the masterbatch and the final products during production and use. On the other hand, although most calcium carbonate masterbatches can give a good white color to the final products, they cannot provide a high degree of transparency or coating.

Therefore, Ciba Polymer Kabir manufactures highly filled calcium carbonate masterbatches using advanced polymer compounding equipment, the precise formulation design and applying the principles of particle size distribution and dispersion. These masterbatches are manufactured in high quality based on customer requirements using different types of thermoplastic resins and in different percentages of calcium carbonate. In addition, the company has the ability to offer dedicated grades of calcium carbonate masterbatches to customers.

One of  the important advantages of using Ciba Polymer Kabir calcium carbonate masterbatches can be mentioned as the increased loading of masterbatch in the final product formulation by preserving the rheological and physical-mechanical properties. In addition, the coating intensity of these masterbatches is higher than that of most calcium carbonate masterbatches available in the market. On the other hand, depending on the masterbatch grade, it is possible to enhance the physical-mechanical properties from the perspective of achieving increased elongation as well as modulus and stiffness in the final products.

The major uses of calcium carbonate masterbatches include the film and polymer packaging industries including sheets and films, disposable tableware, textile sacks, injection molded and blow molded products, carton plastics, and polymer tubes.

Black Calcium carbonate Masterbatches

Regarding to the need to use of  black filler masterbatches in some applications, Ciba Polymer Kabir has designed and provided black calcium carbonate masterbatches with properties similar to corresponding  white calcium carbonate masterbatches. In addition, the reinforcement of physical-mechanical properties by some grades of black calcium carbonate is greater than that of white.

Nano Calcium carbonate Masterbatche

The main effects of this nanocomposite masterbatche are the facilitation of processability during the manufacturing and processing of the final products, better homogeneity in the final products, better coating, and most importantly higher tensile strength in the final product compared to the corresponding products resulting from conventional calcium carbonate masterbatches.

Transparent Filler Masterbatch

The simultaneous need to the low price final products while preserving their properties particularly their transparency necessitates the use of transparent filler masterbatches. Ciba Polymer Kabir is able to provide transparent filler masterbatches based on the advanced formulations for use in industries such as film production and polymer packaging.

Advantages and Applications of CIBFILL Filler Masterbatches

The benefits of CIBFILL masterbatches include:

  • good processability

  • Uniform distribution in the final product

  • Lack of accumulated particles and bubbles in the final product

  • Improved whiteness and gloss

  • Prevention of yellowing and improvement of thermal stability

  • Improve physical – mechanical properties

  • Desirable printability on product surface

  • Improved thermal stitching

Due to such properties, these masterbatches are utilized in various applications such as polymer films, polymeric Gunnies, polymer, sheets, carton plastic, injectable and blowing parts, and finally extrusion parts.