In the plastic industry, various color masterbatches are used to create the desired color while maintaining different properties. The skill of color adjustment is very difficult, and often two or more concentrated pigments or dyes are used for a specific purpose. When choosing a correct dye, several properties must be considered, the most important of which are:

Ability to good dispersion and coating
good processability
Preserving the physical – mechanical properties of the final product
Chemical resistance
Thermal stability
Optical stability
Immigration Resistance
Electrical Properties
Not being toxic

Accordingly,  it can be found that choosing the best color masterbatch for a polymer matrix is ​​not an easy task and requires a great deal of technical knowledge and experience.

Ciba Kabir Polymer Company, relying on the latest knowledge and high experience, is able to offer a wide range of white, black and color masterbatches branded CIBWIT, CIBLAK and CIBCOL, respectively for a variety of applications. These masterbatches are based on different polymer matrices and different pigments and dyes such as organic and mineral pigments, metallic pigments, shellfish or meridians, as well as fluorescent pigments. In addition, Ciba Polymer Kabir can be designed white, black and color masterbatches with desirable properties based on the customer requirements.

White Masterbatches

CIBWIT white masterbatches are based on the different polymeric matrices and titanium dioxide (TiO2) as inorganic pigment at different weight percentages from 20% to 75% (depending on desirable coatings).
Ciba Polymer KABIR can also produce white masterbatches based on organic pigments, which are not commonly used by consumers due to higher prices.

Black Masterbatches

CIBLAK masterbatches are manufactured on the basis of various thermoplastic matrices such as PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS and EVA and in different percentages of carbon black for the purpose of polymer staining as well as improving the physical-mechanical properties. In addition, the use of these masterbatches results in increased UV resistance.

Color Masterbatches

Ciba Polymer Kabir produces different types of color masterbatches such as coatings, transparent, Shell, Metallic and Fluorescent. Ciba Polymer Kabir has one of the most complete color archives available in the Color Masterbatch.

Advantages and Applications of CIBWIT, CIBLAK and CIBCOL Masterbatches

Some of the benefits of CIBWIT, CIBLAK, and CIBCOL masterbatches include:

Good processability from the viscosity point of view
Desirable miscibility with a variety of polymeric matrices
Uniform dispersion and dissolution of color in the final product
Lack of accumulated particles and bubbles in the final product
Excellent coverage
Appropriate heat resistance
Preserving or improving the physical-mechanical properties of the product
Desirable printability on product surface
Convenient thermal stitching

Accordingly, the main applicable areas of these masterbatches are: production of polymer films, sack weaving, production of polymer sheets, carton plastic, injectable and blowing components, and extrusion components.